Our Services

Mahantech Corporation provides information-technology-related services to government and private entities.


Government and public sector organizations have unique needs. Mahantech provides solutions. Throughout our history as a company, we’ve supplied solutions that can be leveraged and integrated, effectively and economically, with the investments you’ve already made in infrastructure technology. By maximizing the potential of current systems, you’ll be able to rapidly experience the benefits that our e-solutions can provide. Because government organizations can often benefit from solutions developed for the private sector, we have tailored our government services to pull from our solid foundation of corporate experience while addressing the unique requirements of the public sector. We understand the business processes that taxpayers and government leaders alike expect from government agencies in this digital economy. We can help government clients to show measurable value for their monetary investment.

Mahantech has worked closely with healthcare providers and payers, distributors, manufacturers, government entities and non-profit health organizations over the years. We understand the unique challenges and requirements of the industry.

Technology development, integration and implementation partners who understand your industry and your challenges are essential to ensuring that quality never suffers. Mahantech can enhance your role in the healthcare value chain by making your organization more effective and providing reliable information technology expertise.

We have an extensive track record of helping companies better leverage their investments in technology and improving their business processes.

To make better business decisions, challenge your assumptions. Turn information into insight with our latest cloud, big data and predictive analytics solutions.
Rethink how you run your business with the help of our industry-savvy consultants. We improve performance, enhance productivity and drive growth initiatives. Successful organizational change is a top management mandate. Our Change Management practice works with executives on strategic and transformational challenges.

Mahantech understands the requirements of a successful website, having created sites for clients from a variety of industries. We are able to design websites for institutions, business organizations, restaurants, eCommerce sites and more

We can make static websites or responsive websites per the requirements of the client. We are also proficient in creating site templates, in case a client needs something innovative, but isn’t sure where to begin.

We don’t just create websites; we create your website. We work diligently during the design stage, creating clean UI’s and fresh, novel designs that place your company’s site ahead of the pack. Our designs not only provide visitors to your site with everything they need to know about your company, but are created with SEO in mind, ensuring that your site is properly indexed by major search engines.

Digital Marketing is a continuously-developing field around the globe. Its rapid development forces marketers to face evolving challenges, while providing a widening window of opportunities for promotion and expression in the Digital Age. There is little doubt that the future of marketing is moving toward a nearly-complete move into the digital realm. The Internet provides a place where marketers can meet with their clients to plan and deliver marketing strategy solutions for enhancing and increasing their clients’ sales and profits.

Custom software development by our expert software developers. Front-end, backend, database and server solutions for mobile apps, web applications and desktop. Our development teams are culled from the most thorough selection process, providing you the employer with the cream of the crop in remote software developers. We specialize in amply-qualified in-house extended or dedicated teams for coding in a wide range of special projects, product engineering, app development, QA testing and more.